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Latest Albums

Cape York: Savanna Woodland

Recorded in Cape York, Australia

On the Riverbank: Ulu Muda - Album Cover

Cape York: Melaleuca Swamp

Recorded in Cape York, Australia

A Morning in Kutini-Payamu

Morning soundscape from the rainforests of Cape York

Predawn on the Claudie River

Nocturnal ambience from deep in the rainforests of Cape York

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About Me

I’m a nature sound recordist and photographer based in Sydney, Australia.

My audio work focuses on capturing the beauty of sound in the natural world. I love listening to and recording the sounds of biodiversity – from vibrant habitat soundscapes to the sounds of individual species. Wild Ambience is my way of sharing what I hear with the world. Read more…

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Nature Sounds Recording

Nature Soundmap

Nature Soundmap is an enjoyable , interactive way of exploring the natural sounds of our planet. Combining high-quality field recordings with the latest satellite imagery, the project brings together some of nature’s most beautiful, interesting and inspiring sounds.

Nature Sounds

Listen to a selection of sounds from the Wild Ambience audio archive. New wildlife sounds and bird calls are being regularly added to this page. Initially the focus will be on Australian nature sounds but I’ll add recordings from further afield in the near future.


News, location reports and sounds from the field are regularly published on the Wild Ambience blog.