Grey Go-Away-Bird
Call & Sounds

Grey Go-Away-Bird (Crinifer concolor)

Grey Go-Away-Birds (Crinifer concolor)

The Grey Go-Away-Bird (Crinifer concolor) is a species of turaco found mainly in the southern Afrotropics. They are also known as the Grey Lourie. This species is common in woodlands, savanna and gardens throughout much of its range.

What does a Grey Go-Away-Bird sound like? One of Africa’s most comical bird sounds, the Grey Go-Away-Bird is named for its distinctive nasal, drawn out ‘go away’ or ‘gweh’ calls. These sounds are often repeated at intervals by different members of the group. Grey Go-Away-Birds also make sounds similar to other turaco species such as harsh gurgling calls and short staccato ‘kek’ notes. 

The iconic ‘go away’ calls are often given as an alarm/agitation call when the birds sense a threat or are disturbed. Interestingly, other bird species and mammals seem to react to and benefit from these calls. Grey Go-Away-Birds have even gained a reputation for thwarting the stalking efforts of hunters and photographers with their loud, persistent calls!

Listen to some examples of Grey Go-Away-Bird calls and sounds below.