Recent Project

Woodlands & Wetlands Trust – Custom Soundscape

A nocturnal bushland soundscape of Australian birds & wildlife was commissioned to help promote Mulligan’s Flat, a wildlife sanctuary managed by the Woodlands & Wetlands Trust.

Wild Ambience was commissioned to create an ambient nocturnal soundscape to promote Mulligan’s Flat wildlife sanctuary in Canberra, Australia. The sounds were used in an interactive audio-visual installation at Canberra Airport.

The soundscape needed to include the calls of a number of key species which could be found in the reserve including owls, possums and the distinctive wailing call of the Bush Stone-Curlew. We provided an engaging, natural-sounding composition which accurately reflected the sounds one could hear at night from within the sanctuary.

Mulligan’s Flat sanctuary provides a predator-free woodland habitat for a number of species of native fauna which were previously extinct in the local area. A reintroduction program has enabled a number of species to establish healthy populations within the reserve some of which are now dispersing naturally further afield.

Listen to a sample below of the Mulligan’s Flat nocturnal soundscape:

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