Borneo: Night Symphony - Album Cover

Borneo: Night Symphony

Dreamy nocturnal soundscape from Borneo’s rainforest featuring the unique calls of Bornean Treehole Frogs.

Recording Location: Tawau Hills, Sabah, Borneo
Habitat: Hill rainforest
Duration: 83 minutes (1 track)
Year of Release: 2022 © All rights reserved
Download Formats: mp3 & FLAC (48kHZ/24bit)


Borneo: Night Symphony - Album Cover

Album Info

One of the distinctive sounds of Borneo’s lowland and hill rainforests at night – the call of the male Bornean Treehole Frog (Metaphrynella sundana). These tiny frogs make single, melodic piping notes at regular slow intervals from small, water-filled crevices in the trunks of trees. Incredibly, each male tunes his call to the pitch which resonates best in his individual chamber, so that the sound is naturally amplified and gives him a better chance of attracting a female! In some locations a number of male frogs can be heard calling at various pitches creating a sublime natural symphony. This album was recorded in Tawau Hills on the east coast of Sabah, Borneo and features the calls of Bornean Treehole Frogs calling along with other frog and insect species. 

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Recording Location

Map - Tawau Hills, Borneo

Track Listing

1. Borneo: Night Symphony (83:28)