Casuarina Creek - Album Cover

Casuarina Creek

A unique soundscape featuring the sounds of Glossy Black Cockatoos feeding quietly in the Australian bush.

Recording Location: Macleay Valley, NSW, Australia
Habitat: Dry eucalypt forest
Duration: 39 minutes (1 track)
Year of Release: 2015 © All rights reserved
Download Formats: mp3 & FLAC (44.1kHZ/16bit)


Casuarina Creek - Album Cover

Album Description

At about 50cm long, Glossy Black Cockatoos (Calyptorhynchus lathami) are the smallest of the five black-cockatoo species, but have one of the most formidable beaks of any bird. Click, crack, crack, the male Glossy Black in front of me carefully rotated an Allocasuarina cone with his foot, the massive bill delicately clipping each seed and extracting the tiny kernel. Occasionally, he would make a soft creaky call which was strangely beautiful amongst the constant crackles of the group.

Sadly, the sounds of Glossy Black’s are being heard less often due to destruction of their preferred food source (allo-casuarina) and nesting trees (mature eucalypt with hollows). Their population has declined, with local extinctions and range contractions.

It was a wonderful experience to sit amongst these birds and record the sound of their feeding. This single track album is the result.

You can also read about conservation efforts aimed at helping Glossy Black Cockatoos on the The Glossy Black Conservancy website

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Recording Location

Map - Macleay Valley, NSW

Track Listing

1. Casuarina Creek (39:52)
This single-take recording features the soft calls and gentle cracking sounds from a group of Glossy Black Cockatoos as they feed on Allocasuarina cones in a grassy woodland. In the background dozens of other bird species can be heard including White-throated Gerygone, Australasian Figbird, Grey Shrikethrush, Eastern Whipbird, Spotted & Striated Pardalotes, Golden Whistler, Pied Currawong, Grey Butcherbird, Australian Magpie and Little Raven.

Bird species heard on this album include:

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Australian King Parrot, Rainbow Lorikeet, Grey Fantail, Jacky Winter, Golden Whistler, Grey Shrikethrush, White-throated Gerygone, Yellow-faced Honeyeater, Lewin’s Honeyeater, Noisy Miner, Spotted Pardalote, Striated Pardalote, Eastern Whipbird, Australiasian Figbird, Pied Butcherbird, Grey Butcherbird, Pied Currawong, Australian Magpie, Australian Magpie Lark, White-winged Chough and Little Raven.

Photos from the Recording Location