Moonlight Chorus - Album Cover

Moonlight Chorus

Nocturnal recording of Australian Magpies singing under a full moon in a forested valley.

Recording Location: Capertee Valley, NSW
Habitat: Temperate woodland
Duration: 58 minutes (1 track)
Year of Release: 2020 © All rights reserved
Download Formats: mp3 & FLAC (48kHZ/24bit)


Moonlight Chorus - Album Cover

Album Description

Under a full moon on an early spring night, several Australian Magpies sing and respond to one another with rich fluty melodies. Crickets trill gently from the grassy understorey and Common Eastern Froglets can be heard calling from a creek in the background. From 23:06 – 28:35 dingoes can be heard howling from further up the valley and from 39:40 – 45:10 a Powerful Owl hoots from a nearby forested slope. Throughout the recording Eastern Grey Kangaroos call occasionally with their harsh throaty coughs.

Listen to a Sample

Track Listing

1. Moonlight Chorus (58:06)

Recording Location

Map - Liffey, Tasmania

Listen to a 20 minute+ Free Sample on Youtube!

In addition to this album sample, over the coming months I’ll be uploading a selection of free soundscapes to the Wild Ambience Youtube channel, as well as plenty of interesting examples of bird and wildlife sounds from Australia and around the world. Subscribe to the channel to stay in the loop!

Species heard on this album include:

Australian Magpie, Powerful Owl, Dingo, Eastern Grey Kangaroo and Common Eastern Froglet.

Album Photos

These photos were taken near the recording location in the Capertee Valley, New South Wales.