On the Riverbank: Chitwan

A relaxing nature sounds album recorded by a river in Nepal's Chitwan National Park.

Album Details

Recording Location: Chitwan National Park, Nepal
Habitat: Riverine forest & grassland
Duration: 24 minutes (1 track)
Audio Formats: Digital Only – MP3 & FLAC (44.1kHZ/16bit)
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Album Description

Recorded on the banks of the Rapti River in Chitwan National Park, Nepal, this relaxing soundscape features the sounds of Black-hooded Oriole, Red Junglefowl, Striped Tit-Babbler, Magpie Robins, Chestnut-headed Thrush, Greater Coucal, kingfishers and many other bird species, as well as the delicate sounds of dragonflies and crickets from the grasses on the river’s edge.

Usually I spend a lot of time trying to avoid the sounds of human activity on my recordings. In this particular recording, I had placed my microphones in a fairly isolated bend in the Rapti River and left them for an hour or so to capture the sounds of the nearby riverine forest. It was only later on, when listening to the recording through headphones, that I was surprised to hear the gentle sounds of two wooden canoes passing along the river. I think the rhythmic motion of the boatmen paddling complements the natural ambience and tells a story of the local Tharu people living alongside nature.

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Recording Location

Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Track Listing

1. On The Riverbank (24:00)

I positioned the microphones on a tripod right by the river's edge. Being quite a deep section of the river, the sounds of the water flowing are very subtle, and the with just the subtle sounds of water. Orange-headed Thrush sings from a tree by the river and the rolling calls of Spotted Dove are a constant feature. White-throated & Common Kingfishers call occasionally, along with Black-Hooded Oriole & the trumpet-like crow of Indian Peafowl. At around 12:00 the sounds of the boatmen paddling down the river begin.

Bird species heard on this album include:

Red Junglefowl, Spotted Dove, White-throated Kingfisher, Common Kingfisher, Greater Coucal, Lineated Barbet, Puff-throated Babbler, Pin-striped Tit-Babbler, Cinereous Tit, Common Iora, Common Tailorbird, Black-hooded Oriole, Orange-headed Thrush, Zitting Cisticola, Oriental Magpie Robin & Common Myna.

Photos from the recording location

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