Beautiful Now Competition

by | Jan 20, 2014 | Location & Trip Updates

Recently the Beautiful Now community launched a competition to find the most beautiful sound in the world. I thought it would be worth submitting some of my favourite nature recordings ‘Dusk by the Frog Pond’ & was quite surprised when it won the competition!

Not that it wasn’t a beautiful sound in my view, but I think that in nature, there are an infinite number of beautiful sounds to be discovered, all equally magic & perfect. Many of the other entries were worthy winners too, and I’m sure I speak for all nature sound recordists in saying it is all about the sound, and the recordist happens to be the individual privileged to be able to record & enjoy the live performance. In any case, it was a delight to capture this particular recording and I am glad many others have been able to enjoy listening to it too.

The 15 minute track “Dusk by the Frog Pond” is also available as a single track download for $2 (Australian Dollars).

Here is a link to Beautiful Now’s take on the entry & links to a couple of interviews with Shira White, founder of Beautiful Now, & Julian Treasure, CEO of the Sound Agency.

Also, Julian Treasure was interviewed about the competition on CBC radio (Canada) –