Asian Elephant
Sounds & Calls

Asian Elephant (Elaphus maximus)

Asian Elephant (Elaphus maximus)

The Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus) [also known as the Asiatic Elephant] is found throughout South-east Asia and the Indian subcontinent, as well as on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. They can be found in a wide variety of habitats including tropical rainforests, open grasslands, dry coastal scrublands and even montane forests at over 3000m in the eastern Himalayas!

Asian Elephants can make a range of sounds from very low frequency rumbles (including infrasound, below the range of human hearing) to higher pitched trumpeting calls, roars, cries and even squeaks and chirps!

Due to habitat loss and poaching for ivory and skin, Asian Elephants are listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List.

Listen to Asian Elephant Sounds

The audio in the video below features deep rumbling calls and roars from a few wild Asian Elephants at night at a salt lick in the Malaysian rainforest. Recorded in Ulu Muda Forest Reserve, Malaysia.

To capture this recording, the microphones were left out overnight near the salt lick and hidden out of the way so the elephants wouldn’t (hopefully!) notice them. The mics survived the night and when reviewing the sounds the next day was delighted to find these sounds were recorded!