Red Leaf Monkey
Sounds & Calls

Red Leaf Monkey (Presbytis rubicunda)

Red Leaf Monkey (Presbytis rubicunda)

The Red Leaf Monkey (Presbytis rubicunda) is a species of primate endemic to Borneo. This species is found mainly in primary lowland rainforest and swamp forest, although it appears to be able to adapt reasonably well to some forest disturbance and is found in secondary forests in parts of its range. Confusingly, Red leaf Monkeys are are referred to by a variety of different common names including Maroon Leaf Monkey, Maroon Langur, Maroon Surili and Red Langur!

The most commonly heard sound made by Red Leaf Monkeys (Presbytis rubicunda) is a cackling call, often given in alarm when then sense they are being approached. The call is often followed by the crashing of branches as the caller leaps away (you can hear an example of this in both the video and audio samples below). These calls are quite similar to other species of leaf monkey/langur in the genus Presbytis.

Listen to Red Leaf Monkey Sounds

The video below features typical calls of the Red Leaf Monkey and was recorded in the Maliau Basin Conservation Area, Sabah.

Red Leaf Monkey – Typical calls

M6MKH-092 This audio sample features another example of typical Red Leaf Monkey calls. Recorded in Tawau Hills, Sabah.