Australian Wood Frog

Sounds & Calls

Northern Ornate Nursery Frog (Cophixalus ornatus)

Australian Wood Frog (Papurana daemeli)
Photo Credit: Greg Schechter
License: CC BY-SA 2.0

The Australian Wood Frog (Papurana daemeli) is a semi-aquatic frog found in tropical far north Queensland and in north-eastern Arnhemland in the Northern Territory, as well as in New Guinea. It is the only species of ‘true frog’ (family Ranidae) found in Australia.

This species is usually found close to permanent bodies of standing or slow-moving water such as creeks, swamps or rivers. The advertising call of the male is a squelching, laughing call usually consisting of 3-6 notes. This call is somtimes described as sounding like a duck quacking!

Listen to calls of the Australian Wood Frog


Calls Of The Australian Wood Frog

 AWF1 Typical ‘laughing’ calls of the Australian Wood Frog. Recorded at night on the edge of a stream in tropical rainforest, Daintree National Park, Queensland.

Australian Wood Frog (Papurana daemeli)
Photo Credit: Rémi Bigonneau
License: CC BY-SA 4.0

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