Large Forest Gecko
Sounds & Calls

Large Forest Gecko (Gekko smithii)

Large Forest Gecko (Gekko smithii)

The Large Forest Gecko (Gekko smithii) [also known as Smith’s Green-eyed Gecko, Smith’s Giant Gecko or Giant Forest Gecko] is a very large species of gecko, up to 35cm total length. They are found in southern Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore as well as Borneo, Sumatra and Java. This species typically inhabits lowland tropical rainforest, but can also sometimes be found making their homes under the eaves of huts or cabins in forest clearings.

Large Forest Geckos call frequently. The most commonly heard sound made by this species is a series of loud, rhythmic, staccato croaks. In many cases I have heard this species calling from deep within a tree hollow (you can hear an example of this from 0:47 in the video below). It could be that Large Forest Geckos use the natural acoustics of these hollows to amplify their calls.

Listen to Large Forest Gecko Sounds

The audio in the video below features the typical calls of the Large Forest Gecko (Gekko smithii) and was recorded in Ulu Muda Forest Reserve, Malaysia.