Tasmanian Pademelon (Thylogale billardierii)

Tasmanian Pademelon (Thylogale billardierii)

Pademelons are a type of small kangaroo (in the genus Thylogale), with three species found in Australia and a a further four species described in New Guinea.

Pademelons are generally quiet, although they make a few vocalisations including harsh rasping sounds when agitated, and soft clucking interaction calls. The most commonly-heard sound made by pademelons is probably their ‘thump’ – the noise made as a warning signal by a pademelon by thumping its heels on the ground. It is thought that these thumping sounds serve not only to warn nearby pademelons but also benefit other species which recognize this sound as an alarm.

Listen to Pademelon Sounds


Tasmanian Pademelon – Thumps

EGK01 This audio recording features the typical alarm thumps of a Tasmanian Pademelon (Thylogale billardierii). Recorded in the Leven River Valley, Tasmania.


Red-legged Pademelon – Thumps

EGK02 Red-legged Pademelon (Thylogale stigmatica) thumps recorded at dawn in Wooroonooran National Park, Queensland.

Red-legged Pademelon (Thylogale stigmatica)
Red-legged Pademelon (Thylogale stigmatica), Julatten, Queensland

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Listen to Koala Sounds

The following video contains a spectrogram visualization of some of the audio recordings published below.


Koala Deep Bellowing

 SD584a This next audio recording is an example of the deep bellowing, grunting call of a male Koala. Recorded in Benarkin State Forest, Queensland. In the background of this recording you can hear the sound of a Squirrel Glider.


Koala Grunting Variation

 SD584b A variation of the grunting call of a male, this one sounds like deep belching or burping! In the background you can hear Squirrel Glider and Common Brushtail Possum. Recorded in Benarkin State Forest, Queensland.


Koala Wailing & Screaming

 SD585a A different call type – this is the wailing, screaming call, also called the distress call. Koalas often make this sound when bickering with another koala or disturbed or alarmed by another species. Recorded at Benarkin State Forest, Queensland.

The following recording of a distant male Koala bellowing was made around 1am in the rainforest of Nightcap National Park, NSW.