Golden Bowerbird

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Golden Bowerbird (Prionodura newtoniana)

Golden Bowerbird (Prionodura newtoniana)

The Golden Bowerbird (Prionodura newtoniana) is the smallest of the bowerbird species and endemic to upland rainforest in far-north Queensland. Males are a rich golden yellow colour while the female is olive brown.

The advertising call of the male Golden Bowerbird has been described as mechanical, rattling, reeling or insect-like, and while I agree with these words, I feel there is something strangely beautiful about the sound at the same time. Have a listen to the call on the following audio sample & see what you think. This audio recording features the advertising call of a male Golden Bowerbird near a bower on the Atherton Tablelands in Queensland.

Listen to Golden Bowerbird Calls


Golden Bowerbird – Advertising Call Of Male Near Bower.

 GB1a Typical advertising song of a male perched in the forest mid-storey close to his bower.

Watch a video of a male Golden Bowerbird tending to his bower:
Cloud Forest Creek - Album Cover

Cloud Forest Creek

The call of a male Golden Bowerbird can also be heard on the album – “Cloud Forest Creek“, recorded in Mount Hypipamee (The Crater) National Park, Queensland, Australia.