Noisy Pitta
Calls & Sounds

Noisy Pitta (Pitta versicolor)
Noisy Pitta (Pitta versicolor) Iron Range National Park, Queensland

The call of the Noisy Pitta is a distinctive sound of the rainforests of subtropical & tropical eastern Australia. Often referred to as the ‘walk-to-work’ call, it usually consists of two hoarse, upslurred wavering notes which could be transliterated “phwheat-ah-wheat”. These territorial songs are heard most often in spring and early summer and they can often be heard calling at night. Noisy Pittas also make a few other calls including strident ‘kyeeow’ notes and soft purring calls. Female birds are also know to give a single mournful whistle.

Noisy Pittas (Pitta versicolor) are found in coastal eastern Australia and some also migrate to southern New Guinea. Primarily of bird of subtropical & tropical rainforests, Noisy Pittas spend most of their time on the forest floor. Despite their vibrant colours they are an unobtrusive species and can be easily overlooked. Noisy Pittas can also be found occasionally in dry & wet eucalypt forests, mangroves and coastal thickets.

Listen to Noisy Pitta Calls

The audio in the video below features the typical territorial ‘walk-to-work’ song of the Noisy Pitta. Recorded in tropical rainforest in Julatten, Queensland, Australia.


Noisy Pitta – Typical song (NSW ssp. versicolor)

XC295237 Typical song by two birds recorded at night in Chaelundi National Park, New South Wales.

Noisy Pitta – Typical song (Queensland Wet Tropics ssp. intermedia)

XC526011 Typical song recorded in Julatten, Queensland.

Noisy Pitta – Typical song (Cape York ssp. simillima)

XC436310 Typical song recorded at night in Iron Range National Park, Cape York, Queensland.

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