Rufous Songlark
Calls & Song

Rufous Songlark (Cincloramphus mathewsi)

Rufous Songlark (Cincloramphus mathewsi)
Sturt National Park, New South Wales

The loud calls & scratchy, melodic song of the Rufous Songlark are a common sound in spring and summer in open woodlands and rural habitats throughout much of Australia. Male Rufous Songlarks sing vibrant “wit-cher, wit-cher, wit-cher-wichy-weedle” song phrases while perched or during conspicuous display flights. In the breeding season these songs can go on incessantly throughout the day. They also make sharp electric whip-like calls and piercing trills. Female Rufous Songlarks are much quieter but often make rattling calls and scolds.

The Rufous Songlark (Cincloramphus mathewsi) is medium-sized songbird endemic to mainland Australia. It is a common species in suitable habitat throughout much of its range, favouring dry open woodland, farmland and tree-lined river beds.

Rufous Songlarks are both nomadic and migratory, generally breeeding in the south of the continent during the spring & early summer months with most returning to interior regions in northern Australia for autumn and winter.

Listen to Rufous Songlark Calls

The audio in the video below features the typical song of a male Rufous Songlark. A number of other species can be heard in the background including Pied Honeyeater, Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater, White-fronted Honeyeater & White-winged Triller. Recorded near White Cliffs, New South Wales, Australia.


Rufous Songlark – Typical flight song (male)

XC334661 The typical scratchy melodic song given by a male bird in flight. Recorded in Flinders Ranges National Park, South Australia.


Rufous Songlark – Electric whip-like calls (male)

XC608495 Sharp, electric whip-like calls by a male Rufous Songlark, following by the typical song. Recorded in Sturt National Park, New South Wales.


Rufous Songlark – Loud trills (male)

XC600340 Loud,piercing trills by a perched male bird. Recorded near White Cliffs, New South Wales.


Rufous Songlark – Rattle calls (female)

XC611279 Harsh rattle calls from a female Rufous Songlark. Recorded in Paroo Darling National Park, New South Wales.